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This is just beautiful.  I would love to know where it comes from.
I am... SO FUCKING SICK of Hollywood using the hurricanrana in their fucking movies! I was watching Mission Impossible Rogue Nation and there is a scene where this female assassin gets pushed on the back by some henchman when she just pulls a hurricanrana out of nowhere. Here's the problem, I and a friend of mine used to practice wrestling moves when we were teenagers and one thing stands out; Headscissor take downs and Hurricanranas require COOPERATION from both people!!!!!!! These moves made popular by Lucha Libre are made to look flashy and make the match more exciting and as a wrestling fan I know that its part of the show, but when I see it in a movie my suspension of disbelief is shattered.

I don't care how cool it looks it's wrong! I know that both people have to work together to make that move work so if The Black Widow actually tried to pull this off, in wrestling logic the guy is just gonna powerbomb her and break her neck! If you want to have the girls beat up the boys, then have some brutality! Watching Logans daughter rip shit up and stab people to death was very satisfying, if you need help with making convincing fight scene between a 90lbs woman and a buffed up henchman, try hiring Jeff Imada (Bourne Identity) as your fight choreographer, or how about the team that did The Raid Redemption! Because when I see these tiny women pull off stunts that are meant for wrestling and wrestling only because it requires cooperation I just roll my eyes and the fight scene loses all credibility.

 Stop using these moves in every movie and in every  fight scene, wrestling matches that are oversaturated with flashy moves and cool flips gets old fast too and when it happens all the time in movies it just becomes one of those fads, like back in the 90's when people just drop kicked each other with out the other guy blocking, or the 60's when people just threw haymakers with little or no choreography. People ten years from now will look at this trend and laugh, just like how we laugh at old fighting movies from the past. I'm gonna see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soon, I'm really hoping they keep the hurricanranas to a minimum.

And don't say its different because its a movie and wrestling is wrestling, because its not different. Wrestling (when done right) is to get people to forget that they are watching a show, when that show becomes over the top at a constant pace it looks fakey fake and the forth wall gets broken apart, when I see that agent in MI:5 do wrestling moves it looks fake.

And as a side note to the dipshit that thinks I'm being sexist somehow, women wrestlers today are putting on matches that can rival most of the men and are/have stepped up the game of women's wrestling, pulling more spots and taking bad injuries, to see Hollywood actresses pull off these stunts in a controlled environment and have people think "OMG THATS SO COOL SHES A BADASS!" is a slap to the tough badass women that go out every night with a live audience and pull these spots while risking their career's and lives, the women of wrestling are the real badass mother fuckers that I wouldn't want to mess with. So Hollywood, darling, please stop using wrestling choreography in everyone of your female fight scenes.

Rant concluded.....I gotta take a shit now.
Everyday that my brother wakes up is a bad day. Hopefully one of these days he won't wake up, ever.
It happened again, dreamt of being an animator.

This time I was animating what I thought was an Sonic OAV that was based in some dystopian future. Then I woke up, let the dog out then went back to sleep.

Then it was some something I can't really remember, but it had beautiful women, beefy dudes and a villain that made your blood cold, it started off in a mall and continued to a desert, my character was looking for someone, I think a lover, that was taken but in a cliché plot twist she turns out to be the kidnaper and was following the hero as he solved the mysteries or puzzles. Since I was dreaming I can't remember how they went since its impossible to read in a dream. I think I used cell shades which is weird because I always wanted to use rotoscoping and hand painting, I guess I used cell shading because I think that's cheaper, also I used 3d modeling since if you rotoscope to much it looks unnatural in a animated sense. Then I woke up, I looked around my room to find my notes for the third act and the cold wave of truth hit me, it was just a dream. If death is anything like being in a dream state I'd shoot myself today, sadly dreams require an active brain with good chemistry. 
Bought a new SEGA Genesis. Playing Sonic on other systems is ok, but nothing beats the feel of that three button controller.


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